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OUR PRODUCTS | All our products are proudly handmade in Melbourne from premium, local and imported ingredients. They are delicious with your favourite milk, yoghurt or by the handful - you can check out our blog for more fun, exciting recipes and new ways to eat the Mrs mueslis

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paleo chunks snack
It’s All Good Chunks
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Koko Puffs
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granola no fruit muesli
The OG | Original Granola (No Fruit)
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gluten free muesli granola
Wheat & Gluten Friendly Granola
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The OG | Original Granola
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Nut & Seed Bars | Hazelnut & Date
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The Super Blend | Granola
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Nut & Seed Bars | Pistachio & Fig
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The Hot Brekky Porridge
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Sample Pack
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The Mrs & Co will be closed from the 21st Dec - 29th Feb, this will include the online shop and all markets.ย We hope you have a great festive season and wishing you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas.
See you soon ๐ŸŒŸ