Our mission is to bring excitement back to breakfast! Armed with real ingredients and a bit of imagination The Mrs & Co provide unique and tasty alternatives to heavily processed breakfast cereals and snacks; perfect for those who want a healthier breakfast option but don’t want to compromise on taste.

We love to experiment with new flavour combinations and ingredients, and are always on the lookout for something different to keep those taste-buds alive!

ALL of our products are vegan friendly and home-made in Victoria, Australia with no added refined sugar (blergh!) or nasty preservatives (ewww!).



Q. Why aren’t all of your ingredients organic?

A. We try to use organic where viably possible. We want to keep our range as affordable as possible, to buy all organic ingredients will in turn increase the price. We do use organic Maple syrup, coconut oil, Rice Malt syrup, puffed buckwheat and puffed millet.

Q. Is buckwheat, wheat?

A. Nope. Buckwheat is a SEED, making it both wheat and gluten free!

Q. Your muesli seems higher in price than most in the supermarket, why?

A. Because of the quality, premium ingredients we use. Most cereals and muesli’s commercially produced are full of fillers and they tend to fill them with cheaper ingredients like oats. Our muesli’s are filled with mostly nuts and seeds and a small percentage of oats compared to supermarket brands.

Q. Why do you use coconut oil to toast your muesli’s?

A. Because coconut oil is amazing!!!! We use coconut oil in and on everything but when it comes to cooking because of its high smoke point it doesn’t go rancid and lose its properties like other oils when heated at a high heat. We use Coconut Magic Organic Virgin Coconut Oil because it is unrefined, raw, cold pressed and the taste is so amazing you can scoop it out of the tub and eat it.


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