Announcement 30/04/22

Dear customers, we wanted to thank-you for your support over the last 2 years – you have been incredible during a very trying time for all local businesses and industries. 
Over this period we wanted to make it easy for everyone to enjoy our products no matter the circumstance, hence we offered our free home delivery service! However, we are now getting back to normal and as much as we’re going to miss seeing your happy faces, we must say goodbye to the delivery service that has been such a joy and success! 
As of Sunday 1st May we will not be running the free home delivery service any longer (orders made prior to this date will still be delivered of course). We will also be increasing our prices slightly to reflect the current climate. “Oh, damn!” I hear you say. But not to worry! We want to continue to service our loyal customers so are devising monthly specials just for you!
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We have a great offer still running for our Mrs & Co breakfast legends: FREE SHIPPING for $100 or over spent! In saying this, we are also working on a few exciting new packs/bundles which will be added to the shop in the coming week.
Thanks again and much love,The Mrs and Co Team x